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Case Studies / DiStefano Winery








Product: Public Relations


Public Relations Brings Spotlight to Established but

Undiscovered Washington Winery

PR Team:


Time Frame:











Lori Randall—Account Director

Lael Carlson—PR Coordinator

Drive awareness of DiStefano Winery

1-year minimum; PR became an ongoing part of the

winery’s annual plan

Overcome industry opinion that wines had been inconsistent between vintages

Increase tasting room sales where largest profit margins are made
Regain focus and confidence of local distributors
Communicate and demonstrate that DiStefano wines were of premium quality

Create consumer demand

Work through associations and organizations to make a greater impact on the consumer in less time 

Create new messaging incorporating key elements

Contact all local wine associations and determine how DiStefano Winery can become involved

Contact all local wine groups and schedule an event at the winery

Invite distributor and sales teams to the winery for an elaborate tasting and dinner w/ the winemaker/owner

Invite the Washington Wine Commission to the winery for an elaborate tasting and dinner w/ the winemaker/owner

Create a calendar of compelling and interesting events to be held at the winery

Send samples of Sauvignon Blanc to wine writers with a clever “Best Buy” tag

Contact local high-profile auctions and partner up with other “prestigious” Washington wineries for Premier Live Auction items

Tasting room sales increased 100% in less than one year

Profits increased dramatically from heightened tasting room sales

DiStefano’s Sauvignon Blanc was selected as “One of the Worlds Greatest Wines under $20” by Paul Pacult in Delta Sky Magazine, 2002

increased on premise placements

Sauvignon Blanc, which had been backed up one vintage, sold out